Your Unique Project Deserves A Unique Service Provider

Every data capture project is unique and a custom approach needs to be adopted to consistently deliver quality and Turnaround Time (TAT). iTech reviews every project specification and each client’s business needs to create specific project implementation plans that include on-boarding, ramp-up and an on-going monitoring.

Accounts Payable

  • Achieve higher quality and faster processing at reduced costs by automating workflows and using low cost labor alternatives.
  • When you take advantage of iTech’s data services for Accounts Payable, you can significantly reduce your department overhead, reduce AP processing time, and achieve data capture quality rates as high as 99.5%.
  • Automatic PO matching and invoice tracking reduces the AP costs by as much as 75% compared to traditional AP processes

Mortgage Processing

  • Specialized training and knowledge of form types required by various financial institutions, federal requirements and differing state regulations.
  • Visible processes that allow our clients to know where each form that makes up each mortgage are at all times.
  • Rapid implementation, proprietary technology, and quality assurance processes through ensures each clients’ needs are met quickly and accurately.


  • Client Delivery Portal is specialized for each customer and provides visibility into the processing and completion times at the batch, image, and freight bill levels.
  • Audit and Quality assurance teams ensure accurate and timely freight payments
  • Automated services prevent duplicate payments and provide exception handling for bills that fall outside standard rule structures for clients or carriers


  • Familiar with all aspects of revenue cycle management associated with healthcare iTech helps hospitals, medical clinics, and health insurance organizations increase revenue and decrease cost by maximizing their rate of return on claims at a cost far less than if the work is performed by in-house staff.
  • Certified professional coders familiar with a variety of specialties code and/or review all claims minimizing rejection rates
  • We maintain a strong HIPAA practice and have security protocols beyond those enforced by CMS to maintain the privacy of PHI

Financial Services

  • Extensive experience helping financial services companies cut costs, reduce churn, and respond quickly and securely to customer needs.
  • From check and credit card processing services to Enterprise Content Management iTech has the technology and processes to ensure security, accuracy and on reliable turnaround times.
  • SOC Type 2 and GDPR certified, ISO 9000, PCI and HIPAA compliance ensures your data is always safe and secure.

Vital Records

  • Specialized in capturing data from public historical records for municipal and genealogical use
  • Using look-up tables and data dictionaries that contain era specific names, record approriate expressions and common language wherever possible we are able to deliver the highest degree of accuracy.
  • The ability and experience to extract data from handwritten and typewritten structured and unstructured documents written in multiple languages and from multiple time periods.